Digital Accessibility Solution.

At the forefront of digital inclusion, our solutions are designed to guarantee effortless access for every user, seamlessly merging technology with inclusivity. Step into an era where digital barriers are dismantled, fostering an environment that empowers users of all abilities to connect, interact, and thrive.

State of Accessibility

In 2020, WebAIM Opens in new window (opens in a new window) analyzed one million home pages for accessibility issues and found the following:


Home Pages With At Least One WCAG 2.0 Failure.


Average Number of Errors Per Home Page.

Causes of Most Common Accessibility Failures

Issue Percentage
Low Contrast Text 86.3%
Missing Image Alt Text 66%
Empty Links 59.9%
Missing Form Input Labels 53.8%
Empty Buttons 28.7%
Missing Document Language 28%

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Our auditing process for web and mobile application accessibility is crafted to ensure that every user experiences unhindered digital access. Beginning with a comprehensive evaluation, our experts utilize leading-edge tools to thoroughly examine your digital properties. We then provide a detailed report that not only highlights the issues but also offers practical recommendations for enhancement.

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Our remediation strategy is designed to correct any accessibility issues uncovered during our audit, ensuring that your web and mobile applications meet the strictest accessibility standards. As a core component of our audit package, this essential service is delivered at no extra cost. We take a proactive stance in implementing effective solutions, enabling an inclusive digital experience for all users.

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Our maintenance service is a testament to our commitment to enduring accessibility in web and mobile applications. As part of our pledge to create barrier-free digital environments, we offer ongoing maintenance. This continuous support ensures that your platforms not only adhere to current accessibility standards but also evolve with emerging technologies and regulations.

Why Accessibility

In today’s digital world, accessibility is not just a matter of social responsibility and inclusion; it's also a legal imperative. The rising number of lawsuits related to digital accessibility underlines the urgency for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Failing to adhere to ADA standards can result in significant fines and legal challenges.

But beyond compliance, accessibility is fundamentally about inclusion. It’s about ensuring that everyone, regardless of their abilities, has equal access to information and services online.