Empowering Compliance & Self-Sufficiency in Accessibility

We don't just maintain; we transform. By working hand-in-hand with your teams, we embed the essence of accessibility into the core of your operations, equipping you with the knowledge and tools to sustain compliance independently. It's not just maintenance—it's an evolution towards inclusive excellence.

Comprehensive Accessibility Maintenance


We will rigorously test all fixes and new features to confirm their effectiveness and ensure they do not adversely impact existing accessibility functionalities. Our team will closely monitor the implementation of these updates, ensuring that they enhance user experience without introducing new issues.


We offer training on accessibility to your team, a strategic move that will elevate your products and services to new heights of inclusivity. Our approach is not just about meeting legal and ethical standards; it's about broadening your market reach and significantly improving user satisfaction. Our comprehensive training covers every aspect of accessibility, tailored to fit the unique roles within your team—be it UX designers, product owners, developers, or QA testers.


In the journey to embed accessibility into the DNA of your organization and ensure that no new feature is designed without considering accessibility, it's crucial to have expert guidance and support. We are committed to providing comprehensive assistance to help implement the standard process that integrates accessibility seamlessly into every aspect of your organization's operations and culture.